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DIY Garden Bench This garden bench is built using 2x4s, one 2x6 and fence boards...

DIY Sheds - Lots of Designs

15 free shed building plans.

Many of them will include a material list and are super easy to follow.

Get your garden or storage shed started with the help of these instructions.

Remember to check with your local building authorities for the requirements and permits you may need.

By planning carefully before you build your shed you can avoid problems and can as well save money.

Free Shed Building Plans

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Gable Shed PlansGable Shed Plans

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How to build a gable storage shedHow to build a gable storage shed

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How to build a gambrel storage shedHow to build a gambrel storage shed

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7 Tips for Building a Shed

  • 1. Clear and Level the Area

Before you begin the construction of your shed you will need to clear and level the area. If you are building a wood floor you will need to keep it away from ground to prevent rot. You can either set the foundation on cinder blocks or set it on top of gravel (3-4 inches thick) this will prevent moisture from the ground.

  • 2. Construct the Foundation

The construction of a wood foundation is usually built using pressure-treated 2x6 lumbers. These parts are called the band on the ends and the joist in the middle of the band, spaced out 16-24 inches apart. The foundation frame will sit on top of pressure-treated 4x4 posts called skids. The skids will set on the cinder blocks or on top of gravel to prevent rot.

Cutting 45 degree angle cuts on the skids will allow the shed to be dragged easier if needed. Once the frame has been squared and leveled you can install the floor deck and nail it to the frame.

  • 3. Assemble the Walls

Now that the floor is completed you can assemble the wall frame on the leveled floor. You can build the wall frames using 2x4 lumbers. The top and bottom 2x4’s are called plates. Place the 2x4 wall studs 16-24 inches apart and nail through the plates and into the wall studs. While the wall frame is still on the ground you can install the siding to make it easier. When the wall is completed rise up and nail it into the floor.

  • 4. Assemble the Roof Truss

The roof truss can be built using 2x4 or 2x6 lumbers. There are different ways to build the truss, the most common is cutting out the rafters and assembling them using gussets. The easiest way to build the roof truss will be using plans. The other option will be to lay the 2x4’s or 2x6’s on the level floor set them how you want your roof and make a template. Once you are happy with the look of your template you can build the rest.

  • 5. Install Siding and Windows

If you will be adding a window you will need to cut out the wall and frame it for the size of the window. The siding will need to be installed following the manufactures instructions.

  • 6. Build the Shed Door

The shed door can be built using exterior plywood. Install 1x4 trim around the door and to the door opening. Add hinges to the trim on the door opening and secure to the door.

  • 7. Install Trim and Paint

When the shed is complete you can make it look nicer by installing trim and painting it. Install 1x4 trim to the four corner walls and wherever the siding meets.